1. 'Lonely At The Top' - By Geraint Duckfield

    I’ve always wanted to photograph football, nothing else gets me nowhere near as interested or excited about the subject. As a result of this I set about a project documenting the Welsh Premier League. Overshadowed by it’s neighbour, the English Premier League, the WPL fails to attracts large crowds and larger amounts of money and so I felt photography could play a vital role in attracting people to get down to their nearest ground for what many would call, real football.

    This photograph was taken in Bangor on a very wet Friday night. This for me this shows the true Love For The Game. Despite the conditions the fans come, the plays turn up, the groundsman is praised for his efforts and the game kicks off. The ninety minutes of endurance made even more difficult by the conditions, but every bit as important as the next ninety; come the end of the season. When there’s three points on offer at the sounding of the referees final whistle, these guys will take on anything the traditional Welsh summer can throw at them. Even the boards surrounding the pitch echo the true feelings of the lonely looking ‘keeper.

    It’s raining, it’s cold but he’s playing football, of course he’s lovin’ it. 


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